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Chronic Pain Management


Our doctors are dedicated to the latest evidence based therapies to assist patients in managing chronic pain.

Our services include-

  • Chronic disease care plan and co ordination including referrals to physiotherapists, pain specialists and exercise physiologists, Cost- bulk billed for care plan consultations, when patients meet the Medicare criteria (see link below)
  • Myofascial trigger point injections or ‘dry needling’.  These injections are made into trigger points or ‘knots’ for example in the upper or lower back, and provide substantial relief of pain in appropriately selected patients.  See links to clinical research below, cost is $60 in addition to regular consultation fee.
  • LED light therapy- including clinical grade infra red and red light specturm therapies.  See links to clinical research below, this light energy has been shown in a substantial body of clinical research to assist with pain and promote healing and recovery. Cost is $70 for 20min session using our full body LED light panel
  • Radiofrequency energy therapy- using a device to generate heat within tissues.  See clinical research below on the use of radiofrequency energy in pain syndromes.   Cost is $75 mins for 10 min treatment with the radiofrequency device, which feels like a warm massage and the applicator is applied to painful area for the 10 minute period.

Our doctors are also able to discuss medications for pain relief.


Trigger Points

Infrared therapy in Chronic Low Back Pain