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Dr McCann provides the following information for patients considering vein treatments-

Leg veins are not just a cosmetic concern, but are an indicator of a deeper underlying issue with the circulation.  When the veins are not working correctly this can lead to swelling, itching, skin discolouration and eventually ulcers in the legs later in life.  Treating the cosmetic problem now can actually prevent the more serious medical issues down the track.

There are three main types of problem veins-

  1. Spider veins- these fine tiny veins can appear on the face, neck and legs.  These can be treated with our Laser or with injections called sclerotherapy.
  2. Reticular veins- these are darker and thicker veins that ‘feed’ the smaller spider veins.  These can also be treated with our Laser or with sclerotherapy injections.
  3. Varicose veins- these are the larger and deeper veins that look bumpy under the skin

If you have any leg veins you are concerned about the first step is to book for a consultation with Dr Melissa McCann.  The best treat option can be discussed, based on the type of veins that are present and how many require treating.   An approximate cost will be discussed, and if compression stockings will be needed after injections you will be measured for these.

If you have any of the larger varicose veins, Dr McCann will arrange for a duplex or doppler ultrasound scan of the veins to determine the extent of the problem.  For some people there is reflux of the saphenous vein and this may require sclerotherapy under ultrasound guidance.  This will be discussed at your consultation.

As a guide, sclerotherapy injections for leg veins are usually $350-$600 depending on how many veins require treating, with additional costs for compression stockings if these are required.  Laser treatment of veins is approximately $250- $400 depending on the size of the area being treated.

Figure 4.   Results of sclerotherapy – A) before treatment; B) 3 months after treatment; C) 1 year after treatment



Figure 3.  Results of sclerotherapy – before treatment left, 1 year after treatment, right.

  • Downtme: There may be minor bruising or swelling/ oedema following Laser or sclerotherapy injections.  As the body absorbs the vein there can be a matted appearing brown discolouration along the length of the vein or surrounding area.  You will be advised to wear compression stockings and not to fly for a prescribed period of time.
  • Preparation:  Ensure you have discussed with Dr McCann any medications you are taking, especially blood thinners, anti inflammatories, any hormone medications, if you smoke and if you have any allergies or suffer from severe asthma.  Ensure minimal sun exposure and no sun burn at least two weeks before and after Laser treatments.
  • Approximate Cost: Pricing ranges from $350-$600 per treatment depending on how many veins require treating, with additional costs for compression stockings if these are required.  Most patients require 2-3 treatments at least.